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Once upon a time, during the first season of Lost, the series seemed to present a much brighter outlook on life. Through the simple narrative device of flashbacks, Lost introduced a group of characters with very tortured pasts. The emphasis, though, was on the word past. The island offered a chance for all of these characters to atone for their prior sins and to make a better life for themselves. Each episode concluded with the general impression that the characters would eventually overcome both internal and external challenges on the island, and then move on to lead a much happier life afterward.

There was, of course, one oddity in this group. Michael Dawson arrived on the island without any real sins in his history. His core conflict, the strained relationship with his son Walt, came through no fault of his own. Just when he was beginning to make some progress, fate intervened, when big-old bearded Tom decided to take Michael’s son right out of his hands. In captivity soon afterward, the Others pushed Michael to his absolute breaking point. To paraphrase Sayid from Exodus: he's a father who lost his child, so don't try to apply reason to his actions. The experiences on the island transformed many sinners into model citizens, but Michael’s stay on the island transformed him from an ordinary man into a despised villain. In the eyes of many Lost fans and in the eyes of Michael himself, his crimes moved him into a category beyond forgiveness and beyond salvation.

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