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Site Update


As part of the recent site updated, we've now added a set of new forms to the main sections. These forms allow you to submit information direct to us. The sections that currently have these forms are:

Spoilers - Submit a new Scoop/Spoiler
Rumours - Submit a Rumour
Forum - Post a new Forum Topic
Mysteries - Submit a new Mystery
Theories - Post your theory
Polls - Submit a new poll
Media Mentions - Submit a new Article or Story
Fan Fiction - Submit your Fan Fiction
Continuity - Report a Continuity Error
Links - Submit your link/web site to our Listings
Affiliates - Upload your site and Logo and become an Affiliate

This is very new so if you find any bugs/problems etc with the forms, please can you leave a comment to this post or email me direct.

We hope you find these forms more convenient and useful for submitting information to us.

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We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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