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Here is the latest recap by J.Wood of Eggtown. It's fairly detailed, even by J.Woods standards :)

What if God was a zebra? That's what the protagonist of Philip K. Dick's Valis thinks it is. He has his reasons: The benign power that invades the world is some rational intervention upon an irrational world, and that power allows the protagonist to see it:

Normally it remained camouflaged. Normally when it appeared no one could distinguish it from ground-set to ground, as Fat correctly expressed it. He had a name for it.

Zebra. Because it blended. The name for this is mimesis. Another name is mimicry. Certain insects do this; they mimic other things: sometimes other insects-poisonous ones-or twigs and the like. Certain biologists and naturalists have speculated that higher forms of mimicry might exist, since lower forms-which is to say, forms which fool those intended to be fooled but not us-have been found all over the world. (Valis, 69)

This is one of three texts that are sitting underneath the fourth episode of the fourth season, “Eggtown,” itself supposedly a Depression-era euphemism for a town that doesn't offer a salesperson any good sales (nothing but eggs, which spoil quickly). Locke delivers Ben's copy of Philip K. Dick's Valis to Ben with breakfast, Sawyer is spotted reading Adolfo Bioy Casares' phantastic novella The Invention of Morel (which Jorge Luis Borges described as having a perfect plot), and there is a return to the philosopher John Locke's Second Treatise of Government.

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