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LOST Beach Premiere back on.


Thanks to Ryan in from Hawaii Blog for the following.

The “LOST” Beach Premiere is still on, and has been moved back a week to Jan. 26, 2008, still allowing local fans an early look at the Season 4 premiere.

After ABC announced last week that “LOST” would return to its primetime schedule on Thursday nights beginning Jan. 31, and given the continued uncertainty caused by the ongoing writers’ strike, fans have wondered about whether we’d still see the now traditional advance screening on Waikiki Beach.

Before the strike, the traditional “Sunset on the Beach” premiere was said to be scheduled for Feb. 2, 2008. But the walkout sent networks scrambling to rearrange their lineups and scrapping major promotional events (including the “LOST” Season 3 DVD launch party on Lanai and the TCA press tour). Many people suspected the “Sunset on the Beach” would be a similar casualty.

But, at least as of this past weekend, the beach premiere is still on, and set for Saturday, Jan. 26. This news comes from the fantastic hosts of “The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack,” who will discuss the event on their upcoming show and who have just made their travel arrangements. I, for one, look as much forward to meeting them as I do to seeing “LOST” return to the really big screen.

Source: Ryan @ Hawaii Blog

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