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New Interactive Lost Site

Here is an interesting new Lost site that fellow DarkUFO readers may be interested in.

You've just crashed on a mysterious island. You wake up with chaos everywhere, so you pull yourself together and start walking ... who are those dark figures running around in the woods? Did they just take those other people on the beach? Wait, I have a knife. I must defend myself!

Welcome to LOST.interactivelands.com, a new type of community on the Internet. We've taken online forums to the next level where you can walk around the island as your favorite character, interact with other online users in a real-time chat, and post messages for others to read. There are other interactive options, such as the "Others Hunt Game", where you use your knife to hunt the "others" walking around the island. Interactivelands.com is currently in alpha stage, which means the site is functional, but expect bugs and user interface issues. Our goal is to build this community up so the fans of LOST will have a place to go to interact with each other in a whole new way. So go to the site, register, and log in to http://lost.interactivelands.com!

Source: Lost Interactive

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