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In a stunning, blow-out victory, Lost's resident deceased-former-junkie-rock-god has secured himself a spot in the Elite 8. He will wait with Mr. Eko as we plow our way through Round 3 and several more beloved characters. As trippy as Walt was, freaky wet telepathy just doesn't seem to beat out a well-written death scene.

Shameless Plug Alert: If you haven't done so already, Luhks has posted yet another astoundingly awesome commentary and Power Rankings in the Forum section. Consider it required reading! And I posted one too, but Luhks' has Power Rankings!

If you have read said commentary, then this will not seem cryptic to you: Tonight we see a clash of the titans, as Mr. Popular takes on The Queen Bee. Their progress bracket has been posted below the voting field.

That's right, Sawyer vs. Juliet! Early on in Season 3 these two were on opposite sides of the Losties vs. Others conflict. Sawyer had Juliet pegged to be cold and ruthless but later found himself working alongside her. Hopefully they haven't put aside their differences, because they have no choice but to compete for our votes. It's winner take all as we see our first of several big-time Main vs. Main matchups.

This ought to be interesting...

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