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Update: 4th JulyHere are the current Top 20 by number of votes after day 2. Remember only the top 7 make it into the final Voting.

As previously mentioned we are going to try to determine the best scenes in Lost from the first 3 seasons. I've already collected your Season 1 Nominations so Today we start voting for the best Season 1 Scenes.

Voting is a little different here in that I don't have any software that will allow 70+ scenes to be voted on so below we have 11 polls with 7 options each. You can vote for as many scenes as you like and the individual poll winners is NOT the key factor. When voting closes in 3 days time I will add up and list the most voted for scenes.

These 7 will then go head to head against each other with the top 2 scenes progressing to the Grand final where they will meet the top 2 from Season 2 and 3. When we have determined the top 2 going forward, we will then start on the Season 2 nominations.

Don't forget to let us know which scenes you voted for and why.

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