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After 3 days of extremely close voting we have the results in for the Season 3 section. As you can see below the 2 scenes that will be going forward are the Sawyer/Cooper confrontation along with the Season 3 premiere opening scene.

1694 - The Brig-Sawyer killing Anthony Cooper
1690 - ATOTC-The opening book club scene/Plane Crash
1681 - TTLG-Charlie's Death
1681 - TMBTC-The Jacob Scene

Now as a number of you have mentioned our polls handle 7 options when voting, and we have the best 2 scenes from each season in the final so we should try to fill that remaining 7th place. As a result we will vote to determine which of the best 3rd placed episodes should advance into the final. With there being a tie between Charlie's Death and Jacob, both of these will be entered into the playoff votes below.

The Scene Awards Final will be run tomorrow.

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