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Thanks to Andreas over at The Lost Blog for his exclusive interview with Lost stuntwoman, Heather Arthur.

Is there any stunt you’ve done on Lost that was particularly challenging or that you are particularly proud of?

Heather: Back on Lost season two on the episode “The Other 48 Days” when I was super new to doing stunts I had to throw myself down a very steep hill/cliff with another person. The hill was covered in thorn bushes and I was doubling Ana Lucia so I was sleeveless. The other guy that was falling down the hill with me had pads on everything but because of my wardrobe I only had knee pads on. I was standing on the top of the hill/cliff and I said this is going to hurt. I did it twice and my dad was so proud (not because it was such a hard stunt but because he was so proud of seeing his daughter follow in his footsteps and up to this point it was my most difficult stunt) that he got tears in his eyes. I was banged up and my arms were covered in thorns but when I saw my dad crying for happiness I didn’t feel a thing. I will always remember that day when my dad now looked at me as a stunt girl.

Source: The Lost Blog - Full Article

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