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SEZON TUMANOV - Season of the Fogs

This is something I posted a while ago but as I'm looking at books with connections/parallels to Lost I thought I would repost it.

As someone who has followed both LOST, the TV show, and LOST the internet phenomenon , it has always intrigued me when possible new influences are found by the loyal and resourceful masses. This is one that caught my eye more than most as some of the parallels are very striking.

The following book "SEZON TUMANOV", The Season of the Fogs, has been brought to the attention of various LOST fan sites and I thought it would be good to share what has been found so far.

Here are just some of the similarities.

1) A group of 14 students disappear on the planet Reana.
2) Rotanov, an inspector, who was sent to find the students, finds out that there are people living on the planet who no one knew about called "The Singularities".
3) The planet has a changeable electromagnetic field.
4) From time to time the electromagnet falls into time gaps and when it comes back to the normal time it brings something back with it.
5) Inspector Rotanov finds out that "The Singularities" were known for kidnapping kids.
6) Rotanov finds out that the planet was an alien-experiment that failed. So after the aliens left, the mechanism for time-traveling has changed the electromagnetic field of the planet.
7) On the planet they have "Seasons of Fog", The SEZON TUMANOV. These are crawling shapes of grey smokes, which are capturing the people, putting them to sleep or turning them into "The Singularities".
8) The people are protecting themselves by building underground hatches with hard doors.

You can read the book in it's full Russian here.If anyone has any further information on this book please let me know.

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