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Russian version of LOST?

Thanks to Anton for the following.

Russian-Ukranian company produced a TV show called "Island of Unwanted People". Guess it's hard to let go the success of LOST. )

Check a poster (woman character almost looks like Kate, lol) and a trailer.

Here is the synopsis that I could find.

A group of tourists out of thirteen people, including Lisa and Andrew, arrives in an Asian country, but instead of waiting for an exotic travel ordeal. Shipwrecked, they are saved on a desert island. Accident will survive. Everyone uses his skills to occupy a niche in the new society. Finds her and Lisa. Having read detective stories, it begins its own investigation of the circumstances under which they were a motley company was on the island and makes everyone remember their past. Lisa discovers a strange pattern: they were once connected.

Here is another from Anton

Group of 13 tourists - including Lisa and Andrey - come to some asian country but instead of relaxing vacation they face life threatening challenges.
First - shipwreck, then - desert island.
Fight for survival begins, and everyone does everything he or she is capable of to find a place in a new little society.

And Lisa is no exception. A big detective stories fan, she begins her own investigation to find the truth behind the accident. Learning the past of the survivors she discovers little connections that bind them all: some are blood related, some are ex colleagues, some are rivals. And only Andrey, Lisa's husband, avoids talking about his past - his plan to get rid of his own wife has failed. What's going to happen next is not under his control now. Something more powerful joins the game.

Here is a longer description, thanks to Jonathan.

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