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LOST Identity, Pearson Moore’s fascinating exploration of the characters of LOST, is available in paperback a week ahead of schedule. Published by Inukshuk Press, the paperback edition of Moore’s bestseller includes an attractive framed laminate cover highlighting the Lost Identity thumbprint design. The large-format (6.7 inch x 9.6 inch) book contains all 19 chapters in its 230 pages.

The ebook edition of LOST Identity was announced only one week ago; the paperback edition was not expected until mid-July at the earliest. According to Pearson Moore, “I was impressed by the people at Inukshuk Press. Their paper is the highest quality I’ve ever seen, and the print itself is unmatched by any other shop. The proof they sent was perfect in every respect. I was surprised and delighted when they emailed me on the sixth of July to say they were ready to begin production—more than a week ahead of schedule.”

LOST Identity is available in paperback through CreateSpace for $9.95.

The ebook edition is sold through Amazon for $4.99.

You can learn more about LOST Identity and LOST Humanity at Moore’s website, PearsonMoore-Gets-LOST.com

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