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Comic Con Reveals "New Season One Footage"

UPDATE 24/07/11: ODI has sent us this video which has the moment that Damon & Carlton crash the LOST Panel stage at Comic-Con... Enjoy :D

Hey Guys,

As you may be aware, LOST had a panel at Comic-Con where there were surprise guests in Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse; the "spat" between the executive producers on Twitter merely a ruse to hide their appearances...

(Thanks to our good friend The ODI who was at the event, for the picture :D)

The executive producers answered the question of whether they truly did know the ending of the show way back in season one by shocking the crowd by announcing there is footage they deleted from the 'Exodus,' Cuse calling it "too much."

Watch here to see for yourself the new and "original" footage from the fateful conversation between John Locke & Jack Shepherd...

For the full explanation of what was said after the video aired, plus the producers talking about Walt and the Out-Rigger head HERE

For those wanting the quick explanation, read on here:
"Lost director Jack Bender himself shot the new footage on the Disney backlot a few weeks ago, on a patch of lawn near where "Brothers & Sisters" used to film, and Titus Welliver and Mark Pellegrino happily showed up to do it." - Taken from Hitflix


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