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Hey Everyone!
Hope you are all doing great?? So as promised we are back to do more LOST podcasts!

The whole team is back including myself, Vozzek aka Danny and of course fan favorite and Queen of LOST and rock star Karen!

So when we started chatting about what we should do for our new podcasts we threw several ideas around but one of the central themes was to look back at some of the earlier mysteries, subjects, episodes and more based on what we all now know or think we know. ;)

So we felt that we should start all the way back at Season 1 with the Pilot episode and then work our way through the seasons focusing on several topics, characters and mysteries. Not really going episode to episode in a traditional rewatch, but to tackle the major points. So it will vary with each podcast until we find some sort of set formula. Of course if you guys have thoughts, questions, ideas or topics you want us to cover we are an open book and this is your opportunity to hear our thoughts.

These new podcasts might not be as long as our traditional recap podcasts, but we are still having a bunch of fun and talking about crazy ideas. Also, we will do our best to keep it real and relate it to how the show ended.

So enough of my thoughts, we all are really excited to be doing this again and we look forward to trying to give you all some podcasts on a regular basis. I doubt it will be weekly, but maybe every couple of weeks or so. Make sure you let all of your Lostie friends know we are back and that they should subscribe again if they unsubscribed.

This new podcast was posted on iTunes last night and it already has several hundred downloads so I appreciate all of you staying loyal to LOST and our podcast. If you can not access iTunes here is a link to an audio player with a download link.



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