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ArtGUS, recognised around the world for his astounding portraits of LOST characters and scenes, has agreed to collaborate with LOST author Pearson Moore on his upcoming book, “LOST Identity.” ArtGUS will provide creative visual interpretations for most or all of the chapters. The works will include several never-before-seen character sketches, available only in Moore’s book.

Pearson Moore greeted the news with excitement. “ArtGUS is the best portrait artist I have ever known,” Moore said. “His work is not only visually stunning, but his mastery of the craft brings out in each drawing the essence of the character. I am honoured and humbled that ArtGUS has agreed to collaborate with me in this venture.”

Moore has not set a date for publication of “LOST Identity,” but he promises to announce soon. We will keep you informed. Read more about “LOST Identity” and Moore’s other books at his website: Pearson Moore Gets LOST

Moore’s first book on LOST, “LOST Humanity,” is available for purchase at Amazon. The book can be read using free Kindle software available at Amazon; no Kindle device is needed.

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