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Another record has been set! John Locke has made it to his third Character Cup Finals, more than any other character. Here are yesterday's results:

Locke 59.1% - Desmond 40.9%

Now then, who will face him? There are only two options. One of them will guide our bracket leader even further on his quest for the perfect bracket. The other will crush his hopes at the last minute.

The second semifinal match is another Season 1 vs. Season 2 affair. In one corner there is Jack Shephard, leader of the Losties. In the other corner it's Benjamin Linus, former leader of the Others. One is a gifted surgeon; the other a brilliant scholar. Their relationship has always been a rocky one. They have gone back and forth between being at odds with each other and being on the same side. They finished the series on the same side but today it's a duel to the death.

Who will take on John Locke for the 2010 DarkUFO Character Cup?

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