DarkUFO - Lost

The Finals are set! Here are the results from yesterday:

Jack 63.67% - Ben 36.33%

The "Spruce Moose" is still on top and still has a perfect bracket! Congratulations on this amazing feat. We're going to let you enjoy being on top for another day. Today it's our consolation match, which has not bearing on the brackets. Tomorrow, the Final match will be posted and the poll will remain open all weekend. The winner will be announced on Monday, along with a bunch of stats from Character Cup history to wrap up this fun, four-year adventure.

Now then, onto business- today's combatants were both introduced during Season 2. These introductions were electrifying and it's no wonder that these characters blossomed into fan favorites. One of these men brought about the destruction of the DHARMA Initiative. The other found himself holed up amongst its remnant's years later. Both men were fathers (of sorts) and have intense determination. Desmond Hume won the Character Cup after Season 4. Benjamin Linus won last year. Today, these former champions duel for 3rd place.

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