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Well, the Kate Hate seems to be alive and well here at DarkUFO months after the series' end but would you believe that Daniel's win was NOT a statistical upset? Roughly 54.4% of our bracketeers picked him to win. Here's yesterday's results:

Man in Black 84.59% - Walt 15.41%
Daniel 57.71% - Kate 42.29%
Miles 63.14% - Claire 36.86%
Jacob 94.44% - Paulo 5.56%

So Bernard over Pierre remains the only statistical upset thus far. And, thanks to victories by Daniel and Miles, we're down to just 2 perfect brackets! Congrats to our leaders but today one of you will fall!

As we head into Round 3, we're cutting down to two matchups a day. Our first matchup is a battle of polar opposites. Both characters first showed up is Season 1. One is a fan favorite for being a good guy. The other is a fan favorite for being delightfully evil. Our second matchup pits two Season 2 favorites against each other. Will it be the Jesus Stick or the Hatch Man?

Get those votes in!

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