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Wow, Lost fans! The series finale of Lost broke all the records! "The End" amassed a stunning 5,470 points. It was a two and a half hour long episode but there for the first time ever there were more points scored in a one episode than there are contestants in the Lost Fantasy League! What's more impressive is how many characters were involved and how drastically the leader board has changed. Be sure to read all the important point rulings!

It's been a long and wild ride but I am glad to say that the scores have been finalized. We are going to leave the results unofficial for a few days. Feel free to look through all the point tallies and rulings. If you see something that is wrong and might have an impact on which contestants make the Top 3, please let us know! Either leave a comment or shoot me an email. I'm pretty satisfied with the scores but we're going to let you have a peek at the work to see if I got it all right. For now, though, here are our current winners:

1st Place: nomecopies (PerdidosporLOSTClub) 7,270 points
Roster: Kate, Sun, Desmond, Claire, Rose, Cindy, Charlie

2nd Place: pipan (DarkUFO) 7,260 points
Roster: Jack, Sun, Desmond, Claire, Rose, Cindy, Charlie

3rd Place: TimeRip Texans (DarkUFO) 7,255 points
Roster: Jack, Sayid, Desmond, Claire, Bernard, Smokey, Charlie

Once again, feel free to double check my work. I want to make sure that everything finishes up fair and square.

Please note: All past important point rulings are considered final. The only episodes you need to concern yourself with are "What They Died For" and "The End." Also, do not waste your time or mine by arguing against a ruling that you do not like. I am only concerned with point rulings that can be proven to be incorrect based on information already presented on the show. Conjecture and opinion do not matter; just the facts.

In a few of days, I will post any final point adjustments, a quick look back at three years of the Lost Fantasy League and, of course, our final winners.

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