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It's all over, Lost fans! While there were a few items brought up regarding the last two episodes of the season, none of your questions involved characters that were at or near the top of their respective groups. This means that nothing potentially ground-breaking was pointed out and our results stand as previously posted.

Once again, here are your winners:

1st Place: nomecopies (PerdidosporLOSTClub) 7,270 points
Roster: Kate, Sun, Desmond, Claire, Rose, Cindy, Charlie
Prize: Season 6 DVD and Soundtrack

2nd Place: pipan (DarkUFO) 7,260 points
Roster: Jack, Sun, Desmond, Claire, Rose, Cindy, Charlie
Prize: Season 6 DVD

3rd Place: TimeRip Texans (DarkUFO) 7,255 points
Roster: Jack, Sayid, Desmond, Claire, Bernard, Smokey, Charlie
Prize: Season 6 Soundtrack

So that does it for the third and final year of the Lost Fantasy League. It's been a lot of fun and a lot of work bringing this unique game to you all. I hope you all had fun with it. Over the next few weeks, I'll be tossing out some fun facts about the Season 6 LFL and some stats from the past three years via Twitter and the LFL Facebook group.

Just because the LFL is over doesn't mean you're getting rid of me just yet! I will be back later this summer to run the final DarkUFO Character Cup, so be sure to check for occasional updates about that. In the meantime, you can follow me at my own website, Long Shot Reviews.

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