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Thanks to everyone for the heads up and to SL-Lost for the info.

Alan Sepinwall from HitFix.com interviewed Team Darlton this afternoon to talk about last night’s polarizing episode and fans’ reaction:

How much attention have you paid to the reaction to last night’s episode?

Carlton Cuse: Some degree. We get a little bit of general feedback. We try not to obsess about the boards and all that stuff. So we have some sense.

Damon Lindelof: It’s never exactly the reaction you’re expecting. We knew it would be an episode that would be divisive. We’ve been talking since the beginning of the season about the idea that the great thing of doing a show on your own terms is you have no excuses, but it’s also slightly terrifying that if you’re a mystery show, there will inevitably be episodes that answer mysteries. That has the potential to frighten, terrify, make people hate. This was going to be the season where we said, “Whatever your theory was, our presentation of the endgame of the show may disprove your theory, so we’re sorry if you don’t like the fact that you don’t get the Man in Black’s name, but you don’t get it.” So that’s going to piss some people off, and it’s their right to be pissed off. In terms of what the specific reactions are, it’s too hard to say 12 hours after the fact, and without seeing where this episode plays in the grand scheme of the series. That’s all we can say.

Read the complete interview at HitFix.com.

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