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Calling all NYC Lost Fans

LOST-A-THON is just around the corner (t-minus 4 days!) and they need some more volunteers to help make sure our Guinness guidelines are met throughout ALL 94hrs of the LOST-A-THON.

LOST-A-THON will be held at Professor Thoms at 219 2nd Ave, New York City. Volunteer shifts are 4hrs each during which you’ll be responsible for logging our breaks, making sure we adhere to Guinness rules (that means making sure we don’t cheat), and you’ll also help us sell merchandise for charity. This is your chance to catch up on a good 4hrs+ (multiple shifts are welcome) of LOST. If anyone’s planning to hang out at a bar between May 20-23rd you might as well come chill with LOST-A-THON.

If you’re interesting in volunteering just send an email to lostathon@gmail.com and they’ll send over the signup sheet. And don’t forget, our effort to watch a ridiculous amount of LOST is all for charity. So make your donation at http://lostathon.com and tell your friends!

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