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Okay, I lied. I said there would be a video this week and there obviously is none. There is also no audio this week. I was just too busy with Easter and enjoying some R&R and ran out of time. My thinking is that there will be two more videos- one after 6.13 (our next double-points episode) and after the series finale. I'll make audio updates for the rest as I am able.

That being said, check out all the lovely content below! I didn't leave you empty handed where momentum is concerned. I've included a quick overview of who I think is rising and falling. Where are your Fantasy rosters headed?

Also be aware that there were more point adjustments made to previous episodes, so if anything looks a little wonky in the scoring columns, check to see if you have anyone on your team who was impacted by the point adjustments. Let me know if you think I've missed anything!

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