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Hey All,
Earlier today I had a chance to chat with LOST co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof. They just finished writing the script for the finale over the weekend and he was kind enough to chat with me during his busy morning schedule for a few moments. I had a great time doing the interview with him and he was candid and honest in answering ALMOST everything I asked him.

We talked about the journey of getting to the finale and if it is the story they wanted to tell, what they would maybe like to change or do different, if we will see Eko again, the fan reactions to Season 5 (time travel) and Season 6 (Flash-Sideways), what made Ab Aeterno so good, and then I asked him a few of the fan questions that were sent in. He also has a special message to spoiler fans about the finale at the end of the podcast.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for submitting so many great questions. I wish I had more time with Damon to ask them all, but my time with him was very limited and he could not reveal anything spoilery.

NOTE: At about the 19 Minute mark when talking about what the plans are for LOST after the finale he does mention the finale title (which was revealed yesterday). So for those of you that consider this a spoiler beware. HOWEVER, I can almost guarantee the title spoils nothing, but for those that are sensitive to such things I wanted to give you a little warning.

I hope you all enjoy listening and once again thanks to all that help set it up and of course Damon.

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