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Hey All,
So this past week we had some delays in getting our podcast recorded for Episode 6x05 Lighthouse but we were able to record on Monday and once I finished editing it on Tuesday I was able to get it posted on iTunes. However, there were some glitches on blogger and with the new episode last night I decided not to post it to avoid it from getting lost in all of the fun and excitement for Episode 6x06 Sundown.

I am sure most of you want to hear our thoughts on Killer Uncle Sayid, but Lighthouse is a very important episode where we covered many of the details from Jack's Flash Sideways with his son David to Jack and Hurley's Adventures to the Magic Lighthouse.

Based on the downloads via iTunes I know many of you have already listened but for those of you that did not check this podcast out yet, below is a link to the audio player and a download link.

NOTE: This podcast is spoiler-free, so enjoy!


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