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Update: If you can't remember your Lost Fantasy Team, don't despair! The link below will take you to a table of all the entries. It contains your Team Name and Picks as well as an 8 Character email hint.

If you still can't find your team, drop us an email at the email provided below.

Lost Fantasy Team Lookup Table

Update: We'll be posting a spreadsheet online that should allow you to find your teams.

NOTE: Anyone found to have created multiple entries will disqualified. If you did email us and let us know.

UPDATE: If you can't remember who is on your Fantasy Team roster, check your old emails first! If you can't find the email we sent to you after you registered, then send your roster requests to LFLquestions@gmail.com.

That's right Lost fans! We're a mere week away from the return of our favorite TV show! Naturally, this means the return of the Lost Fantasy League!

Since Lost has moved to Tuesdays in America, I will have even more time to check for all 42 of our point categories. Weekly Lost Fantasy Updates will be posted the Monday after the initial airing of each new episode. I am going to try and do as many video updates as possible but a few audio-only updates may be necessary from time to time.

Since this is the final year for the LFL, we're pulling out all the stops. We've tweaked the point categories and the rule book in order to maximize the amount of points each episode can bring in. Also, the day that we closed registration for the Season 6 LFL, we randomly selected three episodes for a very special purpose. The episodes we selected were 6x03, 6x09 and 6x13. During these episodes this season, all of our point categories will be worth double! Since the premier is considered to be 6x01 and 6x 02, this means that we'll be seeing a double-points special as early as Week 2!

Also, this year we'll be taking you into the behind-the-scenes process like never before! You can follow G-Man's progress on both Facebook and Twitter as he reacts to each episode, consults with DarkUFO on each week's points questions and works on the latest Lost Fantasy Update.

Finally, starting tomorrow, I will be posting my thoughts and speculations on each of the seven character groups for this year's LFL. It's time to track down your Fantasy Rosters! Will I declare your picks to be solid or shaky? You'll have to come back each day to find out.

As a parting gift, here is the Season 6 Lost Fantasy League Rule Book:

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