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Lost's Unanswered Questions

Thanks to Robin Parrish from ApproachingLOST.com for the following.

Robin Parrish from ApproachingLOST.com here. Can you believe the beginning of the end is here, after all these years? I have something to mark the occasion that I think is kinda nifty, and I'd like to get it into the hands of as many Lost fans who want it as possible.

Like lots of others, I've spent the last year re-watching all of Lost's first 103 hours, and I kept careful track of the many, many unanswered questions. After a lot of thought and consideration, I've rooted out the trivial ones that aren't likely to be addressed, and compiled the rest into a PDF document. It's a topical checklist of Lost's unanswered questions.

I'm not gonna call my list "definitive," because there's no way any list ever could be, since we've all got our own personal wishlists of questions we hope the show answers. But to the best of my reckoning, these are the most important questions that still require an answer, from a storytelling point-of-view. (I know, I know, the characters are what matter most. I'm not suggesting that the mysteries are more important. This is just for kicks.)

Download the PDF Here

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