DarkUFO - Lost

Group 7 is our exclusive dead cast member grouping. Everyone in this group were either main characters or folk who have shown a knack for popping up in episodes after their demise. As with all of our LFL Character Groups this year, it is extremely hard to qualify good picks and bad picks for your Fantasy Team rosters because the Season 5 finale didn't give us any inkling as to what is coming next. So how can I possibly hope to speculate with any accuracy? I've got options. :-)

The major debate is whether the detonation of the bomb triggered a reboot or not. Frankly, the notion that five seasons of Lost will be erased and have been all for nothing annoys me, so I am firmly entrenched in the Whatever Happened, Happened camp. But since both options are still in play, it only makes sense to evaluate each League Character's potential for success based on each scenario.

With that in mind, let's get started! We'll work our way down through the characters from most popular to least popular.

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