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Group 5 is probably the hardest group for me to figure out in terms of a Reboot or Whatever Happens, Happens. Some characters will benefit from one or the other, while some characters are in flux and might not do well in either situation.

This group was not as surprising in its breakdown as Group 6. Most of the decisions make sense but I think they may still show just a hint of poor judgment. Having run the LFL for two years now, I'd like to think I know a good pick when I see one but I have been wrong, so take these breakdowns with a grain of salt. I'm not trying to put anyone down; just sharing my thoughts.

Before we jump into the goodies, don't forget that you can look your team up by the first part of your email address in our Lost Fantasy Team Lookup Table. You can also follow the League on Twitter and Facebook.

Now then, on with the show...

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