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UPDATE: The Character Cup will resume on Monday.

While the percentages may be close, it was never much of a contest. Congratulations to Desmond! He picked up an early lead and never looked back.

Desmond 55% - Jack 45%

Support for each in the brackets was equally tight. Desmond was predicted to win this Quarterfinal match in 39.3% of all brackets. Jack was predicted to win in 33.3% of all brackets. This means that there has still only been one statistical upset all tournament and Sean "Luhks" Luhks is still on top with his perfect bracket intact.

Now we move on to our second Quarterfinal matchup. Both men in today's duel are original Losties. One desperately wanted to leave the Island while the other wanted to stay put on his new-found home. They have found themselves at odds more than once during their time on the Island. Both left the Island but under very different circumstances. They were both drawn back to it on the same flight though, Ajira 316. In the Season 5 finale, one was revealed to be very much dead while the other was last seen very close to death. Will you vote for the supposedly "special" corpse or the tormented torturer on death's doormat?

Quarterfinal #2: Locke vs. Sayid

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