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Congratulations to Ben Linus! Our resident bug-eyed bunny killer is moving on to his very first Character Cup Finals!

Ben 55% - Sawyer 45%

Ben's victory marks the second statistical upset of the tournament! Sawyer was favored to win in 51.6% of all brackets and Ben was only predicted to win in 39.1% of all brackets. This also marks an even greater statistical upset, because Sawyer was the runaway favorite (according to the brackets) to win this year's Character Cup Final match! The door has been blown wide open and the Finals could very well be a crap-shoot.

But that will have to wait until Monday. Today we're focusing on the bronze medal match.

Both Sawyer and Desmond have suffered bitter losses this week and each of them is looking for a little victory. After spending years on the Island, Desmond managed to escape and find Penny, the love of his life. This love was threatened by Benjamin Linus but it was not taken away. After the Island disappeared, Sawyer found real love in the arms of Juliet. This love was threatened when the Ajira 316 folk appeared on the Island and it seems that this love was taken away in the Season 5 finale. Desmond & Penny and Sawyer & Juliet have become two of the best romances on the show to date.

Lovers they may be, but both Sawyer and Desmond have a fighter streak in them. Sawyer has done his fair share of butt-kicking throughout the course of the show while taking on the Others numerous times, as well as a team of mercenaries from the freighter. Desmond may not have as many punches recorded as Sawyer but he landed them when they counted. He relentlessly beat Ben Linus to a pulp when the man threatened his family.

So, both men are lovers and both men are fighters. The question is, which do you prefer?

Consolation Match: Sawyer vs. Desmond
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