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Congratulations to Benjamin Linus! He is your 2009 Character Cup champion!

Ben beat Locke 52%-48% in our closest Cup Final match yet. Sawyer was the favorite to win in the brackets, so Ben's win does count as an upset. Ben was predicted to win in just 18.4% of all brackets. Locke wasn't too far behind. He was predicted to win in 18.1% of all brackets.

Congratulations also to Sean "Luhks" Luhks for winning this year's bracket competition. While he was only one percentage point off on the outcome of the Finals, he predicted every single match correctly! For coming in first place, he will be receiving a copy of the Season 5 DVD set. Way to go!

Three different winners in three years! Will one of these victors claim a second victory next year? Or will Sawyer or Jack finally eek out a win after all is said and done? Season 6 is only three months away. Will the final season of Lost shake up any of the character fan bases? We'll just have to wait and see.

There's only one more season of Lost and only one more Character Cup. Be sure to come back next year for the final battle!

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