DarkUFO - Lost

Hey All,
So we are two weeks or so into this final hiatus and I know many of you are counting the seconds until Season 6 starts next year.

As promised we are here and will continue to do our best to help speed up the wait and one way is via the podcast. Thanks to all of you that sent in messages wondering when the Season 5 Finale (Episode 5x16/17 The Incident) podcast would be posted and to those that waited so patiently. We wanted to make sure we cover as many details as possible and that means you get another extended version!!

Once again both Karen and Vozzek69 join me and we had so much to chat about, discuss, analyze and theorize that we decided to break the recap into two parts. Part 1 is now available on iTunes and we discuss the opening scene with Jacob and his dark shirted friend along with all the scenes in the 1977 time line and the flashbacks that were connected.

For those of you that can not access the podcast via iTunes, below is a link to an audio player along with a download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!


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