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Site Update Announcement

Update: 9th April I'm afraid we no longer support version 6. It's an 8 year old browser with tons of security problems and rendering issues. We currently support Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Chrome, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 8,9 and 10, Firefox 3.x. There are so few people using IE6 that it's not worth trying to fix all the issues for them I'm afraid.

Update: 17:50 The upgrade was a bit quicker than we expected. If you find any broken links please email me or post them in the comments. We'll making some more little improvements over the next couple of weeks and hopefully some more speed improvements. Thanks for your feedback.

Just to let you know that I've been working with my good friend Matt to give DarkUFO a spring clean. Over the next few days we'll slowly be migrating to a slightly updated design. You will occasionally see some "weirdness" going on as the sections are migrated one by one but don't worry it should all be fixed eventually. Some of the changes include.

- New graphics and banners
- Consolidation and more consistent use of Colours and Fonts
- More consistent sidebar
- Hopefully improved loading times
- Tidy up of the comments area
- Improved and clearer Site Navigation
- Main Content will load before the side bar so you can see the info quicker
- This is just the first part of several planned changes

When it's completed I'll make an announcement so that you can report any bugs etc but for now hold tight :)

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