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Is this the season we've been waiting for? The season of answers?!?!? By now you damned well know it is. After four seasons of loyal, hungry viewership the answers are finally being tossed to us piece by chunky piece. Things I Noticed:

LOST - The Ultimate Recycling Program (and pick-up is on Wednesday nights)
Here's a question we haven't had an answer to yet: Just how many coincidences does it take before the stubborn people stop groping for lame rationalizations? Five season's worth? Well reach into your pocket for some more, because the island isn't the only thing skipping. Not only is there a broken time loop, but there are loops within that loop that just keep on recycling the same old scenes, names, faces, objects, and information time and time again. It doesn't matter what year it is on the island - looks like someone's losing an arm.

And look: a screaming monster - uprooted trees - a bloodied body falling out of the sky. The monster dragging someone into a hole. Someone climbing into a hole. - we've seen this all before. Shouldn't we lower you down? Nah, what's the fun in that? This time I'll climb down, if only for a change of pace.

In LOST, repetition runs rampant. Nadine, Naomi, Nadia - dead dead dead. This place is death, but this place is also rebirth. The island continues spinning, repeating, tumbling through space and time. And on the island, our main characters themselves are leaping through its different eras, arriving at what appear to be significant historic events. But even beyond that, individual characters like Charlotte are now flashing mentally through their own memories, re-living small snippets of their past life(lives?) before returning to the present - if there even IS a present - with that knowledge. It's like one of those ridiculous gyrating father's day desk gifts that spins on all three axis at once: a circle within a circle within a circle.

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