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Thanks to my good friends over a Popular Mechanics here is a nice little article about last nights episode.

Last night's episode of Lost, "Jughead," had its fair share of "Holy cow, what did he just say!?" moments. Like when we learned that uber-rich (and uber-mysterious) businessman Charles Widmore was funding physicist Daniel Faraday's time travel research. Or that Widmore himself was once a Latin-speaking Other on the very island he's spent the last 20 years trying to find. And then there's that little fact that, oh my, there's a nuclear bomb on the island!

It's that newest introduction of the island's itinerary of strange objects that we're looking at today (we can only hope an explanation for that four-toed statue is still to come). While being held captive with Charlotte and Miles, Faraday decides the key to their survival is to let the Others continue to assume that their motley, multi-ethnic crew is a part of the American military—but they're not just standard troops, they're scientists, sent there to recover their hydrogen bomb. We asked nuclear bomb expert Ivan Oelrich, vice president for the strategic security program at the Federation of American Scientists, to give us a primer on the workings of hydrogen bombs and to weigh in on whether last night's plot was as realistic as Widmore sinking a plane in waters too deep for recovery or if it’s as unlikely as Hurley throwing out a jug of Dharma ranch dressing.

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Source: Popular Mechanics

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