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Three days! THREE DAYS! That's all we have left. Woo hoo!

So yesterday we dealt with the supporting characters on the Island. Today we're looking at the supporting characters off the Island. I don't know about you guys, but there are a couple of personal favorites of mine in this group and I'm looking for some big points out of the group as a whole.

We're working our way up to the big guns- the main characters that make Lost so special. But today we're recognizing the little guys that help add to the drama and excitement in their own ways.

REMINDER: Do not post spoilers in the comments section. I have gone 90% spoiler-free during the hiatus and will not reveal anything that I know, so please do not let anything that you know slip. Let’s respect the fans that have gone 100% spoiler-free.

Just for kicks and grins, here's the rule book again:

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