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With just over 24 hours to go before the third episode of the season airs, I've finally finished the rest of my premiere recap. This post only covers the second hour, entitled "The Lie." Since the Island events were relatively straightforward this time around, I'll begin with those...


The time-trippers actually stayed put (year-wise) this episode. Charlotte had another nosebleed and complained of a headache and memory loss, which concerned Daniel as he seems to understand what those symptoms mean... most likely because of his space-time research and his role in helping Desmond avoid death by encouraging him to find his constant (Penny) not too long ago.

So what exactly is going on with Charlotte? At the end of Season Four, Miles commented that he knew she accepted the freighter mission in order to find the place she'd been born. Between that remark, the joy Charlotte exuded when we first saw her land on the Island, and the fact that she's had nosebleeds not only as a child but also now after the Island moved, I don't think there's any reason to question the theory that she has been on the Island at some other point in her life.

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