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Congrats to yesterday’s winners, Radzinsky’s Blast Door Map and the Swan Station Countdown Timer. They will face off in tomorrow’s final. Today we will decide the 3rd and 4th place finalists. Heading off are Desmond’s Photo with Penny and the Swan Station Computer.

As well as new images, we have also included some written pieces on each of the props, as well as including some of our user comments.


Photograph of Desmond and Penny – Desmond first broke up with Penny when he was unable to pay for the photograph. He felt like a failure, unable to financially support the love of his life. In an attempt to prove himself to Penny and her father (Charles Widmore), Desmond joined the Royal Scots Regiment of the British Army, only later to be dishonorably discharged. The photograph of Desmond and Penny has made many appearances throughout the show, most notably in a season 3 episode where the photograph was found amongst Naomi’s belongings. Two versions of the same photograph have reared up, which raises suspicions of time-line disparity.

Stu: “To me it represents the whole Desmond/time/Constant aspect of Lost. And at the same time it also represents the most powerful love on the show and the lengths that Penny went to in order to find Desmond.”

Annebeth: “I went for the photo. It represents Desmond’s journey for me, which is in my opinion one of the top, if not the best, storyline in the show.”


Swan Station Computer – The Swan station was equipped with a microcomputer terminal, connected to an alarm system. Due to an "incident" that occurred during the early stages of the Swan station's experiments, a consistent build-up of electromagnetic energy resulted, and as a result of that the station’s focus was forced to change. A numeric code (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) had to be entered into the microcomputer terminal every 108 minutes or the electromagnetic energy would build-up to dangerous and uncontrollable levels. Some believe that failure to enter the numbers would have resulted in the end of the world. The computer also played a major role in allowing Michael to find his son, Walt. The computer met its final demise when Locke took it upon himself to break it, forcing Desmond to take drastic action.

Silly Cinema: “It was intregal to the plot of the show in so many different ways. Firstly, it provided a little insight and mystery into Dharma. It crystallized the Locke/Jack faith/science conflict into stark terms. It allowed communication between Walt and Michael which set up a whole chain of important events. It provided great tension when it needed repair as the countdown clock went down. It showed us the crazy hieroglyphics - which opened up even more mystery and theories - when the button wasn't pushed. Most importantly, it was the piece of equipment directly responsible for crashed the Lost plane that started this whole series”


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