DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to Jack and Miles for being our first two competitors making their way into the second round. Nearly all of you picked Jack and Miles in the brackets, so these results hardly come as a surprise. Based on Rodrigo Santoro's popularity in Brazil, I knew there would be a handful of Paulo supporters, but who would have thought there were over 250 die-hard Harper fans?

Jack: 91% (selected on 99.7% of all brackets)
Harper: 9% (selected on 0.02% of all brackets)

Miles: 93% (selected on 98.2% of all brackets)
Paulo: 7% (selected on 1.7% of all brackets)

The brackets have been updated and there are a whopping 1191 out of 1214 contestants in the running for the perfect bracket after Day 1. Will today's feature fights mix things up a bit in the standings? Only one way to find out!

Both of today's matchups feature characters who have faced off before on the show, each one ending with lethal results. Will the outcomes be the same this time around? Your votes will decide!

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