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And we have an upset! Ethan Rom's victory over Aaron Littleton is the first blow to a majority of bracketeers. Congratulations to Matthew Abaddon as well, as he cleaned Charlotte's clock.

Ethan: 51% (selected on 43.3% of all brackets)
Aaron: 49% (selected on 56.6% of all brackets)

Abaddon: 63% (selected on 70.5% of all brackets)
Charlotte: 37% (selected on 29.4% of all brackets)

After this 24 hour period of anticipation and anguish, only 95 people emerge from the day tied for first place and holding their perfect brackets high above their heads. The brackets have been updated, so go see where you stand.

Now we move on to the next set of matches. Our first bout features two of the freighter folk and our second sees an Other taking on one tough Tailie. Will the next 24 hours be as tense and close as the last? Maybe not, but your votes are just as important as ever.

Frank Lapidus
A former pilot for Oceanic Airlines and a member of the freighter crew, Frank has a very unique connection to the Losties. Frank was supposed to pilot Flight 815 from Sidney to Los Angeles but was replaced for some unknown reason. When news about the “discovery” of 815 made headlines, Frank was able to tell immediately that the wreckage was fake. He was hired by Matthew Abaddon as a helicopter pilot aboard the freighter. He was part of a failed extraction mission designed to bring Benjamin Linus back to the freighter. Frank was last seen aboard Penny Widmore’s boat a week after the Island disappeared.

Captain Gault
Hired by Charles Widmore to captain the freighter Kahana deep into the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, Captain Gault had to be stern with his crew. As the venture dragged on and one with no results to speak of, his crew became restless. When the freighter was sabotaged, things escalated. He watched his crew grow mysteriously sick and commit suicide. After learning Keamy’s objectives to torch the Island, Gault decided to help Sayid and Desmond escape the freighter. Gault was shot and killed by Keamy the night Keamy and his team of mercenaries switched to their secondary protocol.

Goodwin Stanhope
A member of the Others, Goodwin was sent by to infiltrate the Tail section survivors’ camp. As it would turn out, Ben deliberately sent Goodwin because he was having an affair with Juliet Burke, whom Ben was affectionate for. Goodwin had previously worked in the Tempest station, where he dealt with dangerous chemicals each day. It took a few days for Ana-Lucia to realize that Goodwin was the imposter in their group. Upon confronting him about it, she attacked him. During the fight, Goodwin was impaled with a stick and died on the hillside.

Eko “Mr. Eko” Tunde
A survivor from the Tail section of Oceanic Flight 815, Mr. Eko rew up in Nigeria. Taken away at a young age by local criminals, Eko grew up to be a powerful warlord but pretended to be a priest when his brother was killed. After the crash of 815, Eko collected the dead bodies and buried them. He took a 40 day vow of silence and grew two tufts on his beard as penance for killing two Others who attacked the camp. After joining the Losties, Eko tried to take over for Locke at the hatch but failed. Eko was confronted and killed by the Smoke Monster after refusing to repent for his life’s sins.

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