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Congratulations to Tom and Desmond. Ironically, both Ana-Lucia and Libby are snuffed out at the same time once again. At least it's not Michael's fault this time.

Tom: 70% (selected in 87.5% of all brackets)
Ana-Lucia: 30% (selected in 12.4% of all brackets)

Desmond: 92% (selected in 98.6% of all brackets)
Libby: 8% (selected in 1.3% of all brackets)

The brackets page has been updated. There are still 268 people tied for first place in the brackets, but that number might change very soon.

Since the poll server left many of you pining for a matchup, we're going to run with this sense of agonizing anticipation and give you two matchups that several of you have said you are concerned about. Up first we have the original baby napper versus the baby that he napped. Our second matchup is between a mysterious supporting character and the equally mysterious new main character he hired.

Who will win these battles of uncertainty? You'll just have to stick it out for 24 hours to get the answer. Vote, comment and enjoy!

Aaron Littleton
The son of Claire Littleton, Aaron survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 while still in his mother’s womb. He was the reason that Claire was abducted by Ethan and the Others, but their pursuit of him ended when she escaped their custody. On the Island, Aaron has been looked after by several Losties. After his mother’s disappearance, he fell into Kate’s care and escaped the Island with her as part of the Oceanic 6. He is currently being raised as Kate’s son and was last seen in Kate’s house when she and Jack broke up.

Ethan Rom
A member of the Others, Ethan has been involved with their recruiting efforts. In 2001 he and Richard Alpert actively pursued Juliet Burke from Oregon and succeeded in recruiting her and bringing her to the Island. Ethan was also a trained surgeon and apparently knew a thing or two about pre-natal care. He was ordered by Ben to infiltrate the Lostie camp and pose as a survivor, but he was found out. In a panic, he kidnapped Claire and took her to the Staff station. When Claire escaped, Ethan tried to bring her back but was killed by Charlie.

Matthew Abaddon
A very mysterious man, Abaddon’s earliest appearance was shortly after Locke’s paralysis. He gave John a pep talk and encouraged him to go on a walkabout. Abaddon later appeared hiring Naomi, Daniel, Charlotte, Frank and Miles for a mission while on board the freighter. He was finally seen posing as an Oceanic Airlines representative when he visited Hurley in Santa Rosa. He asked Hurley if “they” were still alive, referring to the Island. Hurley grew immediately suspicious and Abaddon disappeared. He has not been seen since.

Charlotte Lewis
A member of the freighter crew, Charlotte was hired for unknown reasons, though it may have something to do with her background as a cultural anthropologist. Before coming to the Island, she found a polar bear skeleton with a DHARMA collar in the middle of the Tunisian desert, which made her very happy. She was part of the failed extraction mission to bring Ben back to the freighter. She has acted mysterious and chippy with several of the Losties, but has joined them anyway. She also seems to believe that she was born on the Island. She was last seen at the Lostie beach camp before the Island disappeared.

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