DarkUFO - Lost

Well after several weeks in intense battles we have finally arrived at a Winner for the DarkUFO Episode Cup. Over 5000 people voted in the final with the emotional The Constant beating out the Season 3 Finale Through the Looking Glass by 55% to 45%. The 3rd place playoff was won by The Pilot which overcame Live Together, Die Alone by 59% to 41%.

The brackets have been updated and we a single winner : Diego "Diego" de los Reyes who wins a DVD Season 4 Box set with a total of 187 points.

I would like to thank Matt for his excellent bracket software which added another dimension of fun and entertainment to this years Cup and hope to use this for the remaining seasons of Lost. I would also like to thank the SpoilerTV Mods for creating the graphics for the later rounds. Final thanks goes out to everyone who voted and commented on this years cup and for making it an enjoyable experience. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me and helped make the Hiatus seem a little shorter.

Tomorrow sees the start of the Character Cup which G-Man will be running for us, make sure you have completed your Bracket to be eligible for Prizes.

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