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Update: 4th June 3 More days left to get your votes in before we start final voting.

Well it's now time to start voting to get the nominations down to the final 7 in each Category. We've had the biggest nomination list to date for this season.

As previously mentioned due to the nature of the polls we will be doing the polls for this elimination phase in the new forums as they can handle much larger polls and will save me countless hours.

This phase will open for a period of about 1 week when I will then collate all the results and we can then start voting on the homepage here to see who are the winners from the final 7 in each category.

So without any further ado please start you voting and remember you will need to register a free account in the forums to participate in this elimination phase.

Thanks again to you all for all the great nominations.

There may be some duplicates so please let me know and I will ensure they they are added correctly before the final votes take place. Also if I have missed any out I apologize but I'm only human :)

You can access all the polls here or view the individual ones below.

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