DarkUFO - Lost

For anyone who watches the episode whilst being online we will have our chat enabled for you to discuss with other fans watching live. I think we're still trying to beat our record of 231 users online.

Chat Room

Note: The Chat is largely unmoderated so beware of trolls and people passing off information as spoilers. You can mute users that you find offensive. If you see anyone impersonating DarkUFO (or impersonating anyone for that matter) or see any trolls causing trouble, just drop Dark an email and he can go about IP Banning them from the chat. Also, anyone posting spoilers in the Chat will be banned.

You can tell who the real Admins are as they have an "A" after the name as shown below.

Note: We now have a couple more moderators who will lurk and IP Ban any trouble makers.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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