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This latest batch of polls is designed to give us a feel for how you all have taken to our character groupings. The Season 4 Lost Fantasy League includes 35 characters that DarkUFO and I picked out based on their likelihood of showing up this season. Some of the groups include main characters while other groups include characters that aren't likely to show up more than once or twice all season (effectively losing you points).

We want to know what you think of our selections for the Season 4 LFL and what you think we should do about the Season 5 LFL. I'd just like to remind you that these polls will not necessarily determine what we do with the character groupings for Season 5, but we will take the results of these polls and all of your comments & emails into consideration as we start to plan out the Season 5 LFL over the next month and a half.

In case you have forgotten some of the characters we included, here is the groupings chart that shows who is in what group for Season 4:

Please leave us your comments, criticisms and concerns in the comment section and don't be afraid to email us directly at LFLquestions@gmail.com.

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