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Thank you all for some solid feedback thus far for the LFL. We're still brainstorming on our own, but we want to keep the creative juices flowing as much as possible. To keep us thinking, we've got another batch of surveys for you to mull over.

This time we're covering our points system, which includes our points categories and the amount of points awarded for each category. There have been several suggestions in the past on how we can improve our points system and we hope that you all will chime in. Your feedback may or may not lead to changes, but we will definitely consider everything you all suggest.

Be sure make your voice heard! This is your chance to contribute to the LFL and make it a more personal venture. It has been a blast so far for us and we hope to keep it as enjoyable as possible for all of you current and prospective conststants.

In case you can't quite remember all the scoring details, here is our current points system setup:

Also, incase you missed the first set of survey polls for Operation Feedback, you can check them out here.

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