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Going on Vacation



I'm going to be away on vacation from Tomorrow, Saturday 26th April through to Saturday 3rd May but don't fear the site will continue to be updated :)

In my absense The ODI has kindly agreed to help out with the site and all the submission forms will go through to him. He will be posting new spoilers, trailers, Recaps, Polls and Media Mentions etc. If you are one of the regular contributors of information to me, please send your info, links etc to him for this week.

The Fantasy League update may not get processed in time before I leave so we may have to delay this a week.

Also my friends over at GetLostPodcast will be in charge of all screencaps requests and the submission form will be redirected to them.

If you want to contact The ODI direct you can email him Here.

The only sections that won't be updated for that week will be the Theories and Fan Fiction sections although feel free to carry on submitting them as I'll get them posted on my return.

Have fun, enjoy Episode 4.10 and I'll see you all in just over a week.

Note: The Announcement section at the top of each page will not be updated after I leave tomorrow, although the site will be. So you will all just have to check manually or use the RSS feeds ;)

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