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Life After Death by Luhks

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"Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state. There is as little reason to deplore the one as there is to be pleased over the other.”- Mahatma Gandhi

As the fourth season of Lost moved beyond its halfway point, episode 4.07 Ji Yeon once again managed to push the show’s narrative structure into new territory. Just as the series was beginning to settle into a steady rhythm of flashback episodes and flash-forward episodes (aside from the occasional Desmond time-travel story), Ji Yeon experimented with an even stranger concept. The episode intertwined the stories of three different time periods at once: the events on the island, flash-forward scenes for Sun, and flashback scenes for Jin. In the future, viewers might no longer need to categorize individual episodes as back or forward, but they might need to make such distinctions on a scene-by-scene basis.

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