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Update: 5th Feb 2008 Looks like Ryan by his owns words has been "punk'd".Let's hope we get good news about the strike soon to make up for this bad news.
UPDATE: Was this a pick-up shoot? (Thanks, Lostpedia Blog.) Possibly. But considering shooting for Episode 4×08 already went long for pick-ups back in November, that sounds unlikely. Was it a shoot for the Lifetime Channel’s “Special Delivery” made-for-TV movie? (Good catch, DocArzt.) Hmm. I admit, the “Alice” and “Max” character names are quite the coincidence. If it was for Lifetime and not ABC, they’re using quite a bit of the same crew, equipment and vehicles that usually crowd the streets for “LOST.”

UPDATE 2: Looks like it was a shoot for “Special Delivery.” Apparently it’s not unusual for one production to use another production’s staff and assets, even leaving vehicle signage and trailer placards in place. As for the crewmembers who said “LOST” was back? I’ve obviously been punk’d. And I probably deserved it. So the bad news is, “LOST” production has not resumed, after all. The good news is, Jack Bender is not working on a Lifetime Channel flick. Sorry, all.

Source: Hawaii Blog

Update: 12:50 Right last post before bed. Ryan has posted some photos that he took today. Nothing spoilery. Here is one below, the others can be found on his site.

Update: 12:40 GMT According to DocArzt's contact at ABC, they state that no new filming is taking place although filming is happening as witnessed by Ryan which leads us to believe that they are definitely filming pickups. Keep an eye on Ryan's blog over at Hawaii Blog for the latest updates as I'm going to have to take a nap here in the UK shortly. According to DocArzt it would take between 4-6 weeks to get back up to full-on production.
Update: 12:30 GMT Just got the following from Ryan. It should be noted that these could be what are known as "Pickups" and from talking to my good friend DocArzt not actual new scenes. However the fact that they are filming is significant IMHO

The writers strike may not officially be over, but I’m thrilled to report firsthand that “LOST” was filming today in Kahala. I was so stunned, I had to ask three people to make sure it wasn’t just a local car commercial. It’s the best news to come out of the show since… well, since the spectacular ratings for its Season 4 premiere last Thursday.

“LOST” production has been stilled since November, when shooting the first eight scripts locked before the strike began was completed. Fans have lamented the very likely prospect that they’d only get half of the already abbreviated 16-episode season as a result.

Source: Hawaii Blog

Update: 12:22 GMT We will have some photos from the filming online soon.
Update: 12:00 GMT I can reveal my source as being Ryan from Hawaii Blog, who has an impeccable record for information pertaining to Lost. He's yet to post anything on his site yet about this but hopefully he will soon.

Update: 11:50 GMT This is from someone I trust 100% from Hawaii who has never been wrong to date.
I can happily report to you that some Lost Filming has resumed according to my source in Hawaii! More to follow soon hopefully.

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